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Release of 2019 Calendar


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Release of 2018 Catalog

Dealers please contact us to get yours.

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Distributor of Longoni Cue Cases

The cases for the Longoni cues have been studied to ensure the best protection to your game tools.Well-known for the protection of the weapons, these cases have been wisely adapted to be pratical and elegant.The main structure is made of ABS, a resistant and elastic plastic, used in fields where the protection must be the [...]

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Exclusive Distributor of MOORI Tip

The original laminated pigskin MOORI tip imported directly from Japan. These popular tips offer consistency and superior quality. This is the most sought after tip on the market and one of the hardest to come by. 

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Exclusive Distributor of NAVIGATOR Tip

Made in Japan, the Navigator layered tip consists of 100% Japanese pig skin leather. Navigator tips introduce a whole new perspective on cue tips, with colour dyed layers which when combined will create tips that not only hit well but also look great.Unique Procedures Pig leather hand pickingHigh-tech glueing that does not use liquid glueNatural, harmlessness [...]

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Exclusive Distributor of J. Flowers Case

A tribute to Jasper "Jay" Flowers, the J. Flowers line of pool cue cases are the hottest cases on the marketThese pool cue cases are adorned with very characteristic western saddle tooling, utilizing 6 to 8 oz. saddle leather. Every case is created by hand and features a 15" lower pocket complete with an area on the [...]

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Exclusive Distributor of HIRANO Tip

The HIRANO TIP are very consistent cue tips with a lot of control. The 4 layers of high quality Japanese pigskin helps dramatically reduce the risk of miscuing. Thanks to its optimal chalk adhesion qualities, the tip rarely needs to be shaped. As a result, Hirano tip maintains its original thickness for a long time. Made in [...]

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Exclusive Distributor of G2 Tip

G2 TIP are an 8 layered pig skin tip made in Japan."G2" is the abbreviation for "Grip Square". That's why the "2" is at the top right corner of the logo.G2 tips were designed to stand up to every expectation from a novice player to the best players in the world. The goal was to [...]

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